I want to tell you that I finally found out about the unique smell of the air here; it’s the Tropicana factory burning oranges. I’d also like to tell you that I found out how to make this tofu-like substance from lentils and guess what it’s real cheap and real easy which is perfect for people like us (broke, sometimes lazy, plant eaters). I’m watching The Mindy Project on Netflix; it’s hilarious and you’d think so too. Insert a million other things I would like to tell you. (Insert more mundane happenings).

I think it’s really hard to move on from delighting in the world with someone. Translated: I miss my best friend. I’ve resolved to attempt to think about you as little as possible; I have no other solution. It doesn’t make sense to me, but thinking about you makes everything make less sense. I laugh at the thought that you’re already trying to woo someone else…she could never know you like I do! Doesn’t really matter though, does it?

Still can’t believe you thought I wasn’t ….. sarcastic ……

Alas have returned to the depths of my cold, unrelenting, hysterical heart ! No melting in sight! I think we sort of had an issue of vernacular barrier. You’re the only person who’s ever told me I’m weird? You’re the weird one. Honestly, I used to (in a cute way) make fun of how you would text me when we first met because you always spoke so literally. God, it was so adorable. I didn’t think anyone would be able to soften this big ol rock in here again, but the universe had different plans because falling in love with you turned me into a pile of shapeless Mush. Awwwww, jilly. You big uncool sap. Babe look what you’ve done to me.

I am ok. Life is unfolding in unexpected ways and eventually you and your ghost will fade out of my awareness. For now I’ll just keep on writing down everything I wish I could tell you about.

Love you forever

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